by Ivan Hanafi

Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia

Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) was established as Institute of Teacher Training and Education Sciences (IKIP) Jakarta on May 16th 1964. IKIP Jakarta was later transformed to University status on August 4th, 1999 by Presidential Decree and launched by the President of Republic of Indonesia.

The Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Jakarta (FT UNJ) was established in 1964. Its main task is to prepare candidates as secondary school teachers in the field of technology and vocational education. Currently FT UNJ has 17 courses, consisting of seven Diploma courses, nine Bachelor courses, and a Master study programs in Technology and Vocational Education.

A number of activities are carried out to prepare potential teachers in the field of technology and vocational education based on “Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi“, consisting of education and teaching, research, and community service. To prepare prospective teachers who have the competence that reflects community needs, FT UNJ sets a course of practice teaching skills (PKM) and industry practice or experience (PKL). Both of these activities are intended to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge of a variety of jobs, both at school and in industry. Thus, cooperation with vocational schools and industry is indispensable in implementing the learning process in the FT UNJ.

Every year FT UNJ has conducted a national level seminar related to TVET and has held two international conferences in the field of TVET. First in 2011 with the theme “Learning, Community and Technology.” The second, in 2015 with the theme “TVET in The Changing World of Work.” The keynote speakers who attended to the event came from various countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.


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