by Dayue Fan (David)

In June, 2015, International Makers’ Week was held vividly in Shenzhen. The SZPT Experimental Garden for Makers and Entrepreneurs mainly featured with a Microscopic Assembly Lab has become part of the event. Mr. Li Qin, a student from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, SZPT, head of SZPT Makers’ Association, received Municipal Government Service Voucher together with other five maker representatives from Mr. Ma Xingrui, Party Secretary General of Shenzhen, The vouchers values RMB 80 million yuan.

SZPT has been quite active in makers’ education. It has established a Microscopic Assembly Lab, Colleges of Makers and Entrepreneurs, constructed an Experimental Garden for Makers and Entrepreneurs, issued various incentives regulations, formed various makers’ groups and ensured financial support. With continuing construction and improvement of the International Union of Student Makers and the Experimental Garden for Makers and Entrepreneurs, some groups have been noticed by investment companies and some have achieved their investment from various channels. SZPT is aiming to building itself as “a most vigorous “School of Makers” in the perspective “Makers’ City of Shenzhen”.


Shenzhen 4

Shenzhen 5

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