The 4th Executive Board Meeting of RAVTE

Date                 March 24th March, 2017

Venue              I-Resident Bangkok

Participants      Prof. Numyoot Songthanapitak, Dr. Jailani Md Yunos, , Dr. Agus Setiawan,

Dr. Thomas Schröder, Dr. Yoopayao Daroon, Mr.Peter Oswald, Dr. Rolf Gennrich,

Absent EB       Dr.Dang Quyet Thang


On 24th March, 2017, the President of RAVTE welcomed all EB and AB members to EB- meeting in Bangkok.  The agenda of the meeting was adopted and implemented. This meeting was convened by the President of RAVTE Assoc. Prof.Dr.Numyoot Songthanapitak and RAVTE Secretariat; Dr.Yoopayao Daroon, Mr.Peter Oswald and Miss Sumana Sorathiwa.


Discussion Items

  1. RAVTE raison d’être: What is the purpose of RAVTE? Continue/ Modify/ Close?


  1. Presidency of RAVTE



  1. RCP Workshop Pattaya May, 2017


  1. TVET@Asia


  1. Cooperation with other organizations




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